Can financial reversals ruin or even reinforce a marriage? What if you could talk to your younger self or, indeed, talk to your older self, about what's ahead or behind you on the rollercoaster of marriage?
It's the early 1990s and like a lot of people of the time, Alice and Jimmy Diamond have had a downward turn in their finances, forcing them to move into a cramped condo. As they clear out the attic of their Malibu home they relive their marriage of 38 years. Their younger selves are often present, allowing for poignant, brutally honest and amusing insights into decades of love, pain and laughter...with a sexy sprinkle of spice. Award-winning play.
"Terrific. An illuminating look at a long-term marital relationship"-Hollywood Reporter.

Written by  : Jerry Mayer
Directed by : Lesley Reed

Performance Dates - at the Domain Theatre

Thurs 20, Fri 21, Sat 22 October 2022 @ 7.30pm
Matinee: Sun 23 October 2022 @ 2.00pm
Thurs 27, Fri 28, Sat 29 October 2022 @ 7.30pm

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