Welcome to Galleon Theatre Group Inc.

Established in 1967, we are an Adelaide theatre group performing in The Domain Theatre at The Marion Cultural Centre adjacent Westfield Shopping Centre.
We have a rich and proud history. Our plays are well patronised and we are often recognised by our peers.
Galleon Theatre Group has been nominated regularly by the Adelaide Theatre Guide (ATG) for an industry award - highlighted in 2016 by winning the ATG "Curtain Call Award" for Best Comedy - "Rumours" and nominated for Best Ensemble - "Sex Cells."
To learn more about our history read John Bowey's experiences and memories from 1967 to 1977 The Early Years and Margaret Dixon's experiences and memories from 1978 to 2001 The Middle Years.

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Galleon Theatre Group - proudly entertaining Adelaide.

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PO Box 198 Park Holme, 5043 South Australia

Domain Theatre

Domain Theatre Marion Cultural Centre
287 Diagonal Road
Oaklands Park, 5046 South Australia
(Adjacent Westfield Shoppingtown Marion)

Life Members

As you would expect for a Theatre Company to continue for over forty years, there have been many dedicated volunteers. The following people have been recognised over that time for their dedication and efforts by being made Life Members.
This page is in honour to that work and if you have any information to add, then please email info@galleon.org.au

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew was awarded this at the 2012 AGM.
    He has been involved with Galleon since 2003 and has had his hand in the majority of the roles available including acting, directing and front of house duties. He has been the Treasurer since 2003.
  • Max Bowden
    Max has been associated with Galleon Theatre Group for over 25 years. During that time he has been involved with lighting, front of house, box office, treasurer, set design and construction, acting and stage manager.
    He is still assisting with the sets, and front of house.
    • The best set he worked on: Casablanket - making a window scene of Bagdad out of foam
    • Funniest on stage memory: Betty died on stage, lights went down, and husband Stan did not pull the curtains. Stan yelled out "Stay dead Betty".
    • Problems remembered: Power down and blocked toilets but the shows went on.
    • Main new skill: He learnt to drink champagne.
    • Comments: It is lots of fun, particularly the after show parties that were held in "the shed".
  • John Bowey (deceased)
    John was one of the founder members of the Galleon Thetare group, and was a member from 1968 - 1979.
    to read about John's experiences and memories from 1967 to 1977 refer to The Early Years
  • Kym Clayton
    Kym was awarded this at the 2009 AGM.
    He has been involved with Galleon since 1999 and has had his hand in the majority of the roles available including acting and directing. He is currently the President.
  • Bob Dicker
  • Margaret Dixon
    to read about Margaret's experiences and memories from 1978 to 2001 refer to The Middle Years
  • Erica Dicker
  • Betty Fairfield
  • Stan Fairfield
  • John Fitzpatrick (deceased)
  • Kevin Hodgson
  • Gene Prigent (deceased)
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