Past Productions

2022    c2  Stage Kiss c2  A Love Affair
2021    c2  Eschers Hands
  Winner CAL-ective award
   (best ensemble)
  Andrew Clark Nominated
  Best Male in a non- musical
  2021 TASA Awards
  Brittany Daw Nominated
  Best Female in a non-musical
  2021 TASA Awards
c2  Emily
  Jess Carroll Nominated
  Best Female in a non- musical
  2021 TASA Awards
2019    c2  Moving Mountains
  Nominated Best Technical
  Set Design
  2018 / 2019 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards
c2  The Prisoner of Second Avenue
2018    c2  Incorruptible
 Winner Best Comedy
 2017/2018 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards
c2  How the Other Half Loves
2017    c2  Let The Sunshine c2  Season's Greetings
2016    c2  Sex Cells        
 Nominated Best Ensemble
  2015 / 2016 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards
c2  Cheaters
  Nominated Best Comedy
  2016 / 2017 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards
2015    c2  Jakes Women
  Nominated Best Comedy
  2014 / 2015 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards  
c2  Rumours
  Winner Best Comedy
 2015/2016 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards
  Anita Canala Nominated
  Best Female Performance
  2015 / 2016 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards
2014    c2  Loves and Hours
 Nominated Best Comedy
  2013 / 2014 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards  
c2  One Slight Hitch
2013    c2  Accommodations   c2  David Williamson's The Club
2012    c2  The Gingerbread Lady   c2  Don't Dress for Dinner
  Nominated Best Comedy
  2012 / 2013 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards
2011    c2  Chapter Two
 Nominated Best Comedy
  2010 / 2011 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards  
c2  The Weekend
2010    c2  Bedroom Farce
 Nominated Best Comedy
  2009 / 2010 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards  
c2  Shady Business
2009    c2  Roots And Wings
 Nominated Best Comedy
  2008 / 2009 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards  
c2  Cactus Flower
2008    c2  Up and Coming   c2  Love Forty
2007    c2  Perfect Wedding   c2  Time of My Life
  Jo St Clair Nominated
 Best Female Performance
 2007/2008 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards
2006    c2  Play It Again Sam   c2  A Night On The Tiles
2005    c2  Absurd Person Singular   c2  Party Piece
2004    c2  Haywire   c2  Natural Causes
2003    c2  Daylight Saving   c2  Fools Paradise
2002    c2  BitingThe Bullet   c2  Cody vs Cody c2  Bums On Seats
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