Time of My Life

Jo St Clair Nominated for Best Female Performance
2007 / 2008 ATG "Curtain Call" Awards


When eating out, why is it that the next table's conversation is often so much more fascinating and intriguing?
It is Laura Stratton's fifty-fourth birthday. She is out for the evening to celebrate at her favourite local restaurant. The other guests include her businessman husband, Gerry, her two sons, Glyn and Adam, Glyn's wife Stephanie and Adam's new girlfriend, Maureen.
Three couples celebrating a happy family outing.
Yet is it all harmonious as it appears? What secrets lie buried in past? What hidden tensions lurk beneath the surface? What awaits them all in the future? What do the waiters make of it all?
Alan Ayckbourn's bitter sweet comedy, Time of My Life, explores the family's lives, past, present and future, in a three way journey through time. Adam and Maureen work their way back through time to their first meeting. Glyn and Steph move forward to their respective futures while these shifts in time are counterbalanced by Gerry and Laura living through real time following their meal. All of them are in search of personal happiness but, as is so often the case, hard pressed to recognise it even when they find it.

Written By  : Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by : Kym Clayton

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Performance Dates - at the Domain Theatre

Thursday 1st November 2007 to Saturday 3rd November 2007 8.00pm
Thursday 8th November 2007 to Saturday 10th November 2007 8.00pm
Saturday 10th November 2007 2.00pm


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Time of my Life

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