The Prisoner of Second Avenue


Mel is a well-paid executive of a high-end Manhattan firm, which has suddenly hit the skids, and he gets the axe.
His wife Edna takes a job to tide them over, then she too is sacked. Compounded by the air-pollution killing his plants, and with the walls of the apartment being paper-thin, allowing him a constant ear-full of his neighbors' private lives, things can't seem to get any worse...Then he's robbed, and his psychiatrist dies with lots of his money.
Mel does the only thing left for him to do - he has a nervous breakdown. It is on recovery that we come to esteem him all the more, because Mel and his wife and people like them have the resilience and the grit to survive.

Written By  : Neil Simon
Directed by : Kym Clayton

Performance Dates - at the Domain Theatre

Thursday 24th October 2019 to Saturday 26th October 2019 8.00pm
Thursday 31th October 2019 to Friday 2nd November 2019 8.00pm
Saturday 3rd November 2019 2.00pm
Saturday 3rd November 2019 8.00pm
Preview Wednesday 23rd October 2019 8.00pm - limited numbers

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