Play It Again Sam


Our homely hero has a problem. He idolizes Humphrey Bogart, but has none of his charm. His friends try to fix him up with beautiful dates, but he's so gauche that they always end abysmally. If only he had some of Bogart's technique! Fact is, he is more like a friendly dog than a hero, and this is what charms his best friend's wife to the point that they spend a night together. Now our hero is in a real mess. It's a tough life, making it in the world of beautiful people, when you yourself are homely, but it is grand fun to follow.

Written By  : Woody Allen
Directed by : Jerry Zimmer

Performance Dates - at the Domain Theatre

Thursday 30th March 2006 to Saturday 1st April 2006 8.00pm
Thursday 6th April 2006 to Saturday 8th April 2006 8.00pm
Saturday 10th April 2006 2.00pm


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