Love Forty


This taut and cleverly constructed drama from the acclaimed Welsh playwright affords a sensitive overview of marriage. Marcia and Ralph are preparing to celebrate their fortieth anniversary with a grand family party.

Ralph has opened a bottle of champagne while Marcia reflects on their years together, years of suffocating loneliness and frustration in a loveless marriage. She and Ralph, as they were when they are young and full of hope, are conjured from her memories.

As the hour for the party draws near, she relives the years of self deception, lies and infidelities and her anger boils over. She and Ralph fight and she resolves to leave.

But forty years is a long time, and Ralph lets slip news that shocks Marcia. What will their reaction be to each other after Ralph's shocking news? Will the anniversary go ahead ?

Written By  : Frank Vickery
Directed by : Kym Clayton

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Performance Dates - at the Domain Theatre

Thursday 23rd October 2008 to Saturday 25th October 2008 8.00pm
Thursday 30th October 2008 to Saturday 1st November 2008 8.00pm
Saturday 1st November 2008 2.00pm


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