Fool's Paradise


Written by Peter Coke and directed by Wendy Mildren, Fool's Paradise is the tale of two women, Catherine and Jane, who have both been married to the same man at different times. Upon his death, he leaves them both his large manor house in the hope that they will drive each other mad. Although the house is wonderful and filled with beautiful antiques, the conditions of the will do not allow for them to be sold. Catherine and Jane dream up many desperate ways of finding money in order to maintain the house and pay their bills.

Written By  : Peter Coke
Directed by : Wendy Mildren

Performance Dates - at the Domain Theatre

Thursday 11th September 2003 to Saturday 13th September 2003 8.00pm
Thursday 18th September 2003 to Saturday 20th September 2003 8.00pm
Saturday 13th September 2003 2.00pm

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