Cactus Flower


In this stylish entertaining comedy, Julian a dentist, finds dating is easier if he pretends to be "married". His young lover Toni, after some time of dating is convinced the two have no future together, attempts suicide, and a guilt-ridden Julian rashly proposes he leave his "wife" so the couple can be together.
Toni refuses to break up his household without first meeting and talking with Julian's soon-to-be-ex, so Julian enlists the aid of his shy spinster assistant Stephanie to pose as his non-existent wife.
Complications arise when Toni decides the two must find her a new beau so everyone concerned can live happily ever after.

Written By  : Abe Burrows
Directed by : Jerry Zimmer

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Performance Dates - at the Domain Theatre

Thursday 22nd October 2009 to Saturday 24th October 2009 8.00pm
Thursday 29th October 2009 to Saturday 31st October 2009 8.00pm
Saturday 31st October 2009 2.00pm


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